Sweet Dreams


Program the duration and volume of the sound on your PC



It's increasingly common to find people who use their computer as a TV, thanks to the countless possibilities that new technology offers for watching TV shows, movies, and even entire channels on the same device.

However, this type of use has a problem: the PC doesn't include a default option that makes it possible to automatically mute the volume after a certain amount of time.

Sweet Dreams has come up with a solution. Thanks to this efficient application, users can program the number of minutes after which the volume should be muted or turned down.

The program includes three configuration parameters: the duration of the change in volume, the minute at which the program should gradually start decreasing the volume, and the final volume level you want.

Also, Sweet Dreams lets you automatically shut down, hibernate, or put your PC to sleep once the process of turning down the sound has completed. You can even have it turn off your computer screen.